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I think u r very careless! U come & leave things
behind! See now what U have left! U just came in
my mind & left a SMILE on MY Face

Good Morning

Life goes on

On the canvas of life we often go off colour, but as long as people like u are there to add the right shades, life goes on to be a rainbow!

Good Morning


Kisi ko apna

Pyar kisi se jo karoge ruswai hi milegi
Wafa kar lo chahe jitni,behwafai hi milegi
Jitna bhi kisi ko apna bana lo
Jab aankh khulegi tanhai hi milegi

Aankhen hain teri

Dil hai tera dariyaa, Aankhen hain teri Jheel
So my darling … What’s The Big-Deal?

We shall pay

Let us every nation
Whether it wish us
Well or Ill ,
We shall pay any price,
…Bear any burden,
Meet any hardship,
Support any friend
Oppose any foe,
To assure the survival &
success of Liberty ….

Long Live Pakistan

Forget The Men

’m Proud To Be A Pakistani
Where At Least I Know
I’m Free
Won’t Forget The Men
Who Died,
Who Gave That Right To Me

Protect Ur Country Ppl !
Stand Up Against The Haters Of Pak
Proud As I Ever Could Be 2 Be A Paki

How Blessed They

I Wish People Would Stop Complaining
For Once And Realize
How Blessed They Really Are
Happy Eid

Thanks Allah

Eid is a nice and wonderful day to


With one another and to Thanks Allah for giving us this wonderful Day


Usey eid mubarak

Gheir’on mein hai jo shaad usey eid mubarak
Jis ko hum nahin hain yaad usey eid mubarak
Masoom se armaan’on ki masoom si duniya
Jo kar geya barbaad usey eid mubarak

Dua Ke Sath

Chand Raat Mubarak Ho.
Is Dua Ke Sath Ky

Aapki Zindagi KI
” Har Khuahish ”
” Har Tamanna ”
” Har Aarzu ”
” Har Khushi ”
” Har Dua ”
Puri Karay,

EID Mubarak