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Full of new dreams

Good morning princess, this morning will be radiant and full of new dreams for you. It is time to wake up and be part of a new day. In a few hours I will come to see you

Anniversary to wish

A good wife gives happiness and long-life to her husband. Allow me, dear, for our anniversary to wish you to share this long life with me


Enjoy The Winter

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( ‘ ; ‘ ) ,, ” ,, ” ,, ” ,, ”
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Ooooo .Sardi.
Happy Winnter Season,
Enjoy The Winter.!

Duaon main yaad

s = sari zindagi
t = tumse
u = umar bhar ki dosti
p = pana chahta hon
i = is liye
d = duaon main yaad rakhna.

ok stupid

May The Joy

Now That December Is Here,
The New Year Is Only A Stone Throw Away.
May The Joy That Comes With
Ending This Year Stay With You
Throughout The New Year.
Have A Blessed New Month And Year.

Christmas give

Today is the day that makes us so glad.
Today bring us closer to each other.
I love you and wish you to be happy a lot.
And thank you for us being together.
May this Christmas give you delight.
May God be always by your side

Care & devotion

Time isn’t what makes a friendship last, its care & devotion that keeps the tie between the souls. True friends never part, maybe in distance but never in heart

Essential task

The afternoon is not only the middle of the day. It is the time to complete our essential task and go ahead in life
Good Afternoon.

Only 1 word

This is a smart test, try 2 solve it


Send answer if u r a genius.
It’s only 1 word.
Solve and reply

Answer = SMILE

More candles

Your life is like a candle. You can either light up a thousand more candles or burn yourself and melt away. I’m sure you’ll choose the former. Happy birthday!