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Pleasant Excuse

Some humans say Valentine’s Day is just every other day for card groups, flower shops, and sweet businesses to make extra cash. I disagree, I think it is the pleasant excuse for anybody to expose every other how a lot we adore our huge other the manner we must each day.

Glad Valentine’s Day

The best component that we in no way get enough of is love and the only thing that we never supply enough is also love. Glad Valentine’s Day sweetheart


Simplest and Infantile

Don’t misunderstand the man or woman

who indicates anger on you

Due to the fact

Anger is the most simplest and infantile

manner to specific the deep love

Dil ki Daastan

ulfaat mein shabdon ki ahmiyat nahi hoti,
Dil ke jazbaat ki awaaz nahi hoti,
Aakhen bayaan kar deti hain dil ki daastan,
Mohabbat lafzon ki mohtaaz nahi hoti.

Ultimate Element

I don’t understand why Cupid

become chosen to symbolize Valentine’s Day.

After I reflect onconsideration on romance,

the ultimate element on my mind is a quick,

obese little one coming at me with a weapon

Open to me

In case you have been my valentine
I’d treasure every day
the arms that open to me
and the gentle words you say
i’m able to’t believe dreaming
of every other soul so sweet for,
if your were my valentine
my lifestyles might be entire

Live in my heart

My sweetheart, All I need to say for you these days is that I’ll always love you. You’re my soul mate. Your kisses are higher than the whole thing. You fill me up with love. I need to be with you all the time and ever! Live in my heart and that i’ll continually love you. Kisses and hugs

Lack of knowledge

I want you have been my Valentine

even though I may not be yours,

and that i can also, in my lack of knowledge,

Be speakme to closed doorways.

I don’t have any inkling of your heart,

No hint what you might say;

but when I consider you the sun

Will just now not go away.

Glad valentines Day

It is first-rate how feelings can exchange so speedy. I don’t love you but, however I recognize that we can closing. Retaining your hand approach a lot, what means most is just your contact. Wanting to be with you, now not knowing if you want to be with me too. I pray as much as heaven that we will be collectively, with any luck cupid with carry us together forever. Glad valentines Day

Valentines remain

A Valentine iz not anything like A chocolate r a rose. For in a week these shall b long gone, but Valentines remain. If love had been continually candy 2 tongue r fragrant 2 the nostril, each day could be like Valentine’s, And we might cross insane.