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Category: 14th February SMS

Coronary heart

Actual love is difficult to locate. It’s within the coronary heart and not within the thoughts. The love in my coronary heart is authentic because it got here the day i saw you

Lifetime valentine

Thank you for growing vintage with me
Thanks for making it so clean for me
Lifestyles is short but we’re making the maximum of it
Thank you for being my lifetime valentine

Love and experience

The moment you’ve got on your heart this outstanding component called love and experience the intensity, the satisfaction, the ecstasy of it, you’ll discover that for you the world is transformed

Satisfied valentine 2017

When I consider you

I am hoping you’re questioning too,

About my love so real be my valentine

Inside the east or west you already know i like you first-class.

Satisfied valentine 2017

Fact existence

Tell a person you like them today due to the fact existence is short
however shout it at them in german because existence is also terrifying and puzzling


Having fallen

If love may be prevented by remaining eyes
Then i wouldn’t blink in any respect
For i don’t want to permit a 2nd bypass
Having fallen out of love with u

Happy Valentines Day 2017

The fluffy cloud might also kiss the sky
The rose may additionally kiss a butterfly
The morning dew might also kiss the grass
However you my friend may kiss my lips
Glad valentines day 2017

Give yours to

My coronary heart to you is given

Oh dear, do give yours to me

We’ll lock them up together

And throw away the key

Happy valentine’s day

You’re unique
you are caring and
you’re the fine
and i’m the luckiest to have you in my existence
happy valentine’s day my candy heart

Feel so blessed

In this day of affection, i want you to realize i feel so blessed and so very glad to be yours.