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Category: April Fool SMS (Messages)

Look like fog

Cherry Blossoms, cherry blossoms
On mountains, in villages
As far as you can see
They look like fog or clouds. They are fragrant in the morning sun
Cherry blossoms, cherry blossoms
In full bloom

I am outside waiting

I’ve tried your cell phone NO but the network was somehow busy
Anyway i just want to tell you I am outside waiting for you

Piche jana fazool hY

LarKiyo K Piche jana Fazool hY

Jis Din Kisi Larki Ne ApKo Keh Dia “I LOVE U”

To Samajh Lena Us Din

Baki 4 agle saal

1st April ko logo ko murkh banane k 5 tarike.

Ye pahela tha
Baki 4 agle saal
Happy fools day