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Real friendship

You may have money, fame or strength, but in case you never understand what real friendship is, you’ll never realize the real happiness

Make the distance

Friends r like avenue lights along the road they don”t make the distance any shorter however they light up the path & make the walk profitable

I recognize you

You’re like a drop of water bringing lifestyles
to my dried up lonely desert
stunning gradients of colors darkish and light
sunlight mixed with tender wet climate
i recognize you
i wish you happiness with no stop
i want to be near you and always be your buddy

Many hands in one chips

So many fights for thodi si peps
So many friends on one bench
So many phone calls on birthday night
So many hugs for one ill worry
So many hands in one chips pack
So many laughter for one stupid joke

Cheers to Friendship

Friend ship is a day

Rain rain rain wet of pain cold cold cold body of fold

Friend ship is a day which one could drive of a day

They are real and rare

True friends are like diamonds
They are real and rare
False friends are like leaves
They are scattered everywhere

In life yesterday is history

In life yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery, and today is a gift that y it is called the present. enjoy your life.

Khushiyo par fizao ka pehra

Khushiyo par fizao ka pehra na jane kis umeed pe dil thahra Teri ankho se jhalakte dard ki kasam ye dosti ka rishta mahobbat se gahra

Friendship is a lil more truth

Friendship is a lil more truth & a lil less lie,A lil more WE & a lil less I, A lil more LAUGh & a lil more cry. Friendship is simply U & I. 3 Cheers to our Friendship

Life is a LIE, when the F is missing

Life is a LIE, when the F is missing. “F” is nothing but ur Friendship. Hope I will never be missing the “F” in my LIFE…