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The least you can do about them

If you can not forget some difficult things in your life, The least you can do about them is making sure you do not give your self time to remember them

I Will Never Talk To You

Cute Relationship

When Someone Gets Angry With You And

Says: I Will Never Talk To You

And Later Comes Back To You To Inform


You dont realise the value of that thing

Anything is valuable only in 2 situations ;

First – Before getting it

Second – After loosing it

In between you dont realise the value of that thing

It is not something discovered

Each man must look to himself to teach him the meaning of life

It is not something discovered, it is something molded

He should not compromise with it

If a person has determined something in his life
He should not compromise with it in any circumstances
If he compromised once, he wont ever be able to fulfill his determination

Going in new path

Leave everything behind
In search
For new beginning with
Expectation of good events

Going in new path with
Optimistic approach and
Excitement for
Success in Life

On the other, started a
New chapter of Life

Read it Again

Thought For A Lifetime
“Love A Fool
Let A Fool Love You
But Never let Love to Fool You
Read it Again
It has a wonderful meaning

Its Even Tougher To Pretend

One Of The Most Sad Part Of Life
“Its Tough When Some One Special Starts To Ignore You
Its Even Tougher To Pretend That You Dont Mind

The Reason is that

Touching Lines
There is Always one Person In Our Life
to Whom We Give Numerous Second Chances
The Reason is that
We dont Hate them As Much As We Love Them

Instead it Gives you

Life doesn’t Give you the People You Want
Instead it Gives you the one you Need
to teach you,to hurt you,to love you
‘n to make you Exactly the way you would be the Best