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Aankhen hain teri

Dil hai tera dariyaa, Aankhen hain teri Jheel
So my darling … What’s The Big-Deal?

Pucha Kis Liye

Teacher- Kal School kyon nahi aaye tum?
Pappu- GirlFriend Se Milne Gaya Tha.
Teacher- Kis Liye?
Pappu- Yes Sir.
Teacher- Maine Pucha Kis Liye.??
Pappu- Liye Sir, Bahut liye

Looking at girl

The real problem does not start when a boy starts looking at girl
It begins when she turn back and gives a smile

Dear 2 me

A – U’r Attractive
B – U’r D Best
C – U’r Cute
D – U’r Dear 2 me
E – U’r Excellent
F – U’r Funny
G – U’r Gud Looking
H – He He He
I – I’m
J – Just
K – Kidding

Without you

Jaan I can’t live without you
Will you marry me?



Here is the KILLING Reply



Kaun mar raha hai ab!
I lost all my contacts,
kindly msg me your name


You keep eating

Specially for girls
You can never lose weight
if you keep eating BHAAV every time

Live on your cheeks

If I could be any part of you
I’d be your tear
To be conceived in your heart
born in your eyes live on your cheeks
and die on your lips

Someone is flirting with you

When someone is flirting with you

Please Cooperate

Your smile itself is a reason

Always be Happy, always wear a smile
Not because life is full of reasons to smile
but because your smile itself is a reason for many others to smile

Taste the true delight of you

The length & breadth & height of you
Total up to quite a view
But to taste the true delight of you
I’ll have to take a bite of you