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You and me

Somebody asked me to explain the relationship between you and me
they expected the answer as, best friend


i simply smiled and said ( GOD’s Gift )

Soft rainy weather

You are like a drop of water bringing life,
To my dried up lonely desert.
Beautiful gradients of colors dark and light,
Sunlight mixed with soft rainy weather.
I admire you,
I wish you happiness with no end.
I want to be close to you and always be your friend.

Its just a bend

0ften When We L0se All H0pe


Think This Is The End G0d

Smiles Fr0m Ab0ve Nd Says

Relax Dear Its Just A Bend

N0t The End Have Faith Nd

Have A Successful Life

Sweet like you

Pure friendship is bright like sun
Deep like ocean
High like sky
Strong like iron
Kind like mother
Cute like me

Haq banta hai na yar

Forgetting friend is a crime Forgetting friend is a
Ignoring them is a
Liking them is a
Thinking of them is a
& disturbing them

Oye! Haq banta hai na yar

A friend like you

Heart beats are countless
Spirits are ageless
Dreams are endless
Memories are timeless
A friend like you is useless




I enjoyed my friendship

Some joys are better explained in silence
as a smile gets more audible than laughter
I was asked if I enjoyed my friendship with you
I just smiled

Finally loves you more

True friends
scolds like a dad
cares like a mom
teases like a sister
irritates like a brother
& finally loves you more than your lovers

Everything can be false

Feelings are many
Words are few
Clouds are dark
Sky is blue
Love is a paper
Life is a glue
Everything can be false but friendship is true

Mehsoos kar ke dekh lo

Tum hanso to khusi mujhe hoti hai
Tum rodo to aankhein meri roti hain
Mehsoos kar ke dekh lo
Dosti aise hi hoti hai