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Instead of enjoying

We always work for a better tomorrow but when tomorrow comes
Instead of enjoying we again think of a better tomorrow
Let’s have a better today

When sins makes me dark

When Pride Rolls Me Down
Humbleness Pulls Me Up
When Lie Cracks Me Down
Truth Builds Me Up
When Sins Makes Me Dark
Forgiveness Make Me Light
When World Push Me Away
My Allah Pulls Me Near
Good Morning

A hot coffee for you

In a cool cool morning
A hot coffee for you
There is no cup & coffee
Your cell is Cup & my sms is coffee

Sunrise give us one day more to hope

Every sunset gives us
One day less to live
But every sunrise give us
One day more to hope
So, hope for the best
Good Day Good Luck and Good Morning

We loose the false ones

TIME alone can prove the worth of friendship
as time goes by we loose the false ones
and keep the best
just a sweet hello 2 one of the best
Good Morning


I am sending my smiles and hugs

Smile can make a day complete Hug can make a day better. So I am sending my smiles and hugs to your way. For you to have a complete and better day

Good morning

Love & laughter quiet moments

Life is full of beautiful
things : soft
Rainbow, dedicate
blossoms,love &
laughter ,Quiet
moments &
fantastic people like U &
GOOd MOrning


==>>(GOOD)<<== /M/ /O/ /R/ /N/ /I/ /N/ /G/ WeLCoM the NEW DAY With SWEET SMILE HaVe A NICE DAY

Get Charged And Get Geared

Hey Good Morning
Get Out From Under The Covers
Get Charged And Get Geared
To Face Life On This Bright Sunny Morning
Have A Good Day.