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Heart Touching Valentines Day

You can light up any room with your beauty, strength of character, and confidence. Thank you for lighting up my life! Happy Valentine’s day!

Love Valentines Day

Valentine is for lovers and for friends.

All my love goes out to you this day!

Love is something different from desire:

Even, silent, peaceful as the sky.

Nor is love interested in means or ends.

There are no selfish needs that it must weigh.

Instead, love’s plenitude itself inspires,

Needing neither cause nor reason why.

Each day my thoughts enchanted with you lie.

Love someone

Valentine’s day is so fake. in case you love someone, you may deal with him/her unique every day. not as soon as out of 12 months

Valentines day 2017

No poems no fancy phrases
I just need the world to understand
That i like you my princess with all my heart
Satisfied valentines day

Satisfied valentine’s day

love can be expressed in lots of ways
one manner i know is to send it across
the gap to the person who is studying this
satisfied valentine’s day

You are getting greater beautiful each day
i can not help myself to fall in love with you greater
i can not let my eyes off you
searching at you makes me sense that
i am so good-looking too
i love you

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Happy Valentine’s day

I will be loving you

Can i say i love you today
If not, can i ask you again tomorrow
And the day after tomorrow
And the day after that
because i will be loving you every single day of my life

Happy Valentines Day

Promise of my girl friend

If you feels cold at night
let the promise of my girl friend
my love and hugs cover you like a
warm blanket
Happy Valentine day
I love you so much my dear

This warm note comes to you

Love is the happiness of today

And promise of tomorrow

SO this warm note comes to you

to say that live life with a heart full of love