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Fantastic dinner

A female shoots her
husband. then she holds
him underneath water for over
5 mins. ultimately, she
hangs him. however 5 mins
later they each exit and
revel in a fantastic dinner
how can this be
solution up to date
she took a picture of him (shoots a photograph
then she held the picture/film underneath water to expand
sooner or later she hung the image to dry

Always be dare to face every thing

A correct decision will increase your confidence
A wrong decision will increase your experience

So always be dare to face every thing

You will dedicate to me

Suppose you you are a radio presenter

Which one song you will dedicate to me

Each item cost the same amount

When shopping a man was told by a
shop attendant that each item cost
the same amount 5 would cost

Change color without paintings

Fly in the sky without wings
Move in the sky with winds
Change color without paintings
what it is

Answer: Clouds


Saas Ke Bhai Ki biwi ki saas

Dimag hay to jawab do
Tumhare bhai ki bhabhi Ki
Saas Ke Bhai Ki biwi ki saas
K pati Ke jamai ke Poti Ki
Maa Ki nanand ka bhai apka kaun

Taking hits from leaps and dives

I am a perching barrel filled with meat
Taking hits from leaps and dives
Look inside, but do not eat
The meat in there is still alive

Answer: A thimble on a finger