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You plant now

Always do your best
What you plant now
You will harvest later

Its your life define it yourself

Don’t accept other’s defination about life. Its your life define it yourself

Believe in Yourself

Solution to all the problems

We have the solution to all the problems when they are not ours

kismat chahe bdlay na bdlay

Rat nahi khwab bdlti ha
Manzil nahi rah bdlti ha
Juzba rakho hrdam jeet ne ka
Q k kismat chahe bdle na bdle
Par waqt zroor badlta hai

Wo hi log yaad aane lagey

Jinhe bhulne me yaaro bade zamane lagey

jab dil dukhaa wo hi log yaad aane lagey


Always have two things

Successful People Always Have Two Things ON Their Lips

Silence and Smile

SILENCE to avoid problems and

SMILE to solve problems

There are always wishes

Where there is great love.There are always wishes

You are so beautiful

You are so beautiful that you give the sun a reason to shine

Terey liye jalta raha bujhta raha

Zahen ki dehleez par yaadon ka nanha sa chiraagh

Raat bhar terey liye jalta raha bujhta raha

It takes a stronger heart

It takes a strong heart to love
It takes a stronger heart to continue
to love after it has been hurt