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Smile makes all

Dream makes the whole lot feasible
wish makes the whole lot paintings
luv makes the whole thing beautiful
smile makes all of the above
so usually smile

You want to go

Sometimes you just want to
put other people’s happiness
before yours
They deserve it
Sometimes you want to go out
of you way for the people
Just because
You know its important that
They get a chance to smile

I Wish For U

Whatever Is Warm and Inspiring
Whatever Means Most To You
Whatever Makes You Smile and Brings You Joy That?s What I Wish For U

Struggles through tears

No Smile Is

More Beautiful

Than The One

That Struggles

Through Tears

Activate your all system

Smile is a coling system of heart

Sparking system of eyes

Lighting system of face

Relaxing system of mind

So activate your all system and smile


True love is when your heart

A smile is nearly always
Inspired by another smile
True love is when your heart
and your mind are saying The Same Thing

Ends with a glow on your face

Smile is complete when
It begins with your lips
Reflects in your Eyes and
Ends with a glow on your face
Wish you many such smiling moments in your life forever

If you keep always smiling

If five seconds of smile can make a photograph more beautiful
Then just imagine if you keep always smiling how beautiful your life will be
So keep smiling

Khush rehne ka shayad maza

A nice thought
Udasiyo ki wajah to bahut hai
Zindgi mein
Par bewajah khush rehne ka shayad maza hi kuch aur hai

Waqt nikal kar muskurate raho

Hasi ke nagme gaate raho
waqt nikal kar muskurate raho
Zindgi kab deti hai mauka baar baar
mauka dhundo aur khil khilate raho