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Mehbob watan

Mera dil teri muhabbat ka hai jan baksh dayar
Mera seena teri hurmat ka hai sangeen Hisar
Merai mehbob watan tujh pai agar jan ho Nisar
Main yeh samjhon ga thikanai laga sarmaya e Tunm
Jashn e Azadi Mubarak”

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day
On the eve of independence day
lets salute and remember the soldiers
who sacrificed their lives to protect our nation


Unforgettable Days

We can all understand the genuine which means of
Pakistan’s decision surpassed in this day
There are some unforgettable days
In the statistics of any state
Happy independence / 14th August day

Yourself be heard

It is time for you to show your independence
Let yourself be heard
So don’t follow others footsteps
Be yourself fly free i mean you are independent after all

Pakistan ka aanchal

Aazaadi Ki Kabhi Shaam Nahi Hone Denge
Saheedon Ki Kurbani Badnaam Nahi Hone Denge
Bachi Ho Jo 1 Bond Bhi Garam Lahu Ki
Tab Tak PAKISTAN Ka Aanchal Nilaam Nahi Hone Denge

Happy Independence Day

No nation is perfect
It needs to be made perfect
Contribute towards the perfection of your country
Happy Independence Day

Impress anybody

When you come to a point where you have no need to impress anybody, your freedom shall begin! Happy 14th august Day

Deserves Nothing

I want to be the most amazing child in the world because the most amazing father in the world deserves nothing less than that. I love you

Source of Strength

A Father means so many things
An understanding heart
A source of strength and support right from the very start
Happy Father’s Day

Warm and Gentle

May Allah send his Love like Sunshine

in his warm and gentle ways

to fill every corner of your Heart

and filled your Life with a lot of

Happiness like this EID DAY.

Wishing you EID MUBARAK