Defend our Ocean

We proud on Our Army brave Army to defend us from all worries 
We Proud on our PAF to defend us from attack of enemy jets 
We proud on our Sailors to defend our Ocean 
We proud on our Quaid, who suggest us such a beautiful land 
Care for that land, which we got after scarifying so much people 
Happy 23rd March Day

About to pick

Happy birthday! Your life is just about to pick up speed and blast off in to the stratosphere. Wear a seat belt and be sure to enjoy the journey. Happy birthday!”


Cloudiest of days

Without your love in my life, life is dull and boring. You bring the bright colors of the rainbow to my life, even on the most cloudiest of days. Thank you my love.

23rd March Qarar Dad

23rd March Qarar Dad-E-Pakistan
We Alwayz Listen Such Type Of Sentence That
“Pakistan Iss Gave Uss Every Thing”
What We Gave to Pakistan

Pakistan Independence

Blow up them firecrackers.
Light up the sky.
Because it’s Pakistan Independence Day.
I’ve been meaning to say

Happy Pakistan 23rd March!

Sparklers glowing. The flag waving and showing.
Nothing but happy people. Celebrating the 14th of August.
The birth of our country. The birth of our flag.
Because our founder Quiad e Azam. Always wanted it this way.

Happy Pakistan Independence!

Pakistan Resolution Day

Such fertile Land and beautiful views 
Where to escape and why to leave such a glorious land 
I beg from Allah to make my country safe 
And avoid us from all worries 
Happy Pakistan Resolution Day

Soft rainy weather

You are like a drop of water bringing life,
To my dried up lonely desert.
Beautiful gradients of colors dark and light,
Sunlight mixed with soft rainy weather.
I admire you,
I wish you happiness with no end.
I want to be close to you and always be your friend.

Race Is Not Over

A Sentence Which Should Be Always Followed In Life. The Race Is Not Over Because I Haven’t Won Yet, Increase Your Speed.

Love really was

Before I had met you I did not know what love really was. It is you who instilled this feeling in me. Have a wonderful morning, sweetheart

Good Morning SMS Love

So cute when someone knows you’re asleep and they text you a long paragraph about how they feel so that’s the first thing you read in the morning