Days of forgiveness

Wishing u 1 month of ramadan
4 weeks of barkat
30 days of forgiveness
720 hours of guidance
43200 minutes of purification
2592000 secs of Noor

Ramadan Mubarak

Jolly Wolly Smile

Get up from ur Softy Softy Bed

Open ur teeny weeny eyes

wear that jolly wolly smile and say to urself

Good Morning Have A Nice DaY n All The Best


Ramzan Jaisa

A short and a very true line
“Zindagi Ko Ramzan Jaisa Bana Lo
To Maut Eid Jaisi Hogi

Hope and Motivation

Life Is A Journey but My Best Wishes Are The Milestones that Will Give You Hope and Motivation To Move On I am Wishing You A Joyous New Year!

Happy Ramadan 2017

May Allah keep you away from harm and trouble. As you fast and pray on
Ramadan, may all of your sin be forgiven and may you be blessed with
peaceful life for each day ahead. Happy Ramadan 2017

Thought of My Mother

If I had a flower for each time I thought of My Mother, I could walk in my garden forever

Very Good Mother

I thank you so much for giving me your friendship unconditionally. I admire you because you are a woman and especially because you are a very good mother who does what is best for their children. Have a day filled with much happiness.

On Mother’s Day

Does a mother know how loved she is
Deserves more than a hug and a kiss
On Mother’s Day this is my small gift to you
It is something I honestly wanted to do

Happy Mother’s Day 2017

Mother, thanks for all that you have given me. A very happy Mother’s Day to the best mom in the world.

No Perfect Life

Life never seems to be The way we want it, But we live it in the Best way we can. There is no perfect life but we Can fill it with perfect moments