Christmas and holidays

Christmas and the holidays are going to function as the seasons of committing. It’s a time when folks are more kind and open hearted

May God always protect

Your family is lucky to have you.
I am also lucky to have you as friend.
May God always protect you and love you.
May your happiness and delight extend.
May you feel them in the whole new year.
You, deserve it, Merry Christmas, dear


Never feel loneliness

I wish you have all the luck and success.
All the money in the world and all the happiness.
Life without fear, pain and stress.
I wish you never feel loneliness.
Let God bless us with love and forgiveness.
I wish you always smile and Merry Christmas

Discovered memories

I feel so proud to be the part of Pakistan me personally, therefore, many discovered memories as well as a great buddy like you as it has given. wishing independence day!

Haapy Independence Day

I Wish U All A Very

Happy Independence Day

May Our Country Progress In

Everywhere Nd

In Everything So That The

Whole World Should

Have Proud On Us

Pakistan Zindabaad

HaapyIndependence Day

Dekh Raha Tha

Ek Pathan SCHEME Wali Bottle ka Dhakan,
Baar Baar Khol Kar Dekh Raha Tha.
Kisi Ne Pucha: Kya Hua?
Pathan: Khocha! Dhakkan Main Likha Hai Try Again

You and me

Somebody asked me to explain the relationship between you and me
they expected the answer as, best friend


i simply smiled and said ( GOD’s Gift )

Idiots would try

Fact 1: You can not touch
your both lips with your tongue

Fact 2: After reading this
99/100 idiots would try it

Happy 1st April

We All Understand

23rd March is PAKISTAN DAY
May ALLAH Bless Us
All With Integrity
To Be Proud Of Our Country
May We All Understand
The True Meaning Of

Reminds me how

Missing you makes me feel sad and alone, but it also reminds me how lucky I am to be married to the most handsome man I have ever known. I love you very much and will love you forever