Dil mera mujhe

Jab usko dekha aj Jo hua nahi wo hone laga

Dil mera mujhe jaga k khud seene me sone laga

You edit this

If u save this message, it means I’m cute. If you edit this, I’m still cute. If u fwd this, you are spreading that i’m cute & if u erase this, you are jealous of me because i am cute!


Aflaki nahi hai

Tera andesha aye aflaki nahi hai
Teri parvaz lolaki nahi hai

Ya mana asal shahenii hai teri
Teri ankhon main bebaki nahi hai

I do think

I do not think much, I do not think often, but when I do think, I think of you

Good Morning

A real test

when i went to school we had a test but not a real test he was faking the test so when we got the test there ugly queasy then our teacher said April fools

Happy Pakistan Day

Jo Ho Zouq-e-Yaqeen Paida Tu Kat Jati Hain Zanjeerain

Happy Pakistan Day

Long Live Pakistan

Like an infinite

My love for you has no shape, it has no edges and it has no starting and ending points. It’s like an infinite number of series that goes on and never ends. I love you very much

Told the cashier

At the bank, I told the cashier: I’d like to open a joint account please.
Cashier: Okay with whom?
Man: Whoever has lots of money

Its your luck

Hey U Know

Which is the best day to propose a girl

April 1
U Know Why??

If she accept its your luck

otherwise just tell April Foooooll.

Happy Pakistan Day

Aisi Zameen Aur Aasman
Inkay Siwa Jaana Kahan
Bhadti Rahay Yeh Roshni
Chalta Rahay Yeh Karvan
Dil Dil Pakistan
Jaan Jaan Pakistan
Dil Dil Pakistan
Jaan Jaan Pakistan
Happy Pakistan Day