Only Component

If u look for gud
You ll discover gud
If u search for awful
You ll discover terrible

In life u always locate
What u search for
Only component tht remember is
What u pick out to see

Each Person

Whilst lots of humans begins to love you, you may get confused whom to like, just tell them i hate you, each person will get again, but now not the person that loves you actually


Ek Ghazal Mien

Sondhee Mittee Kee Khushboo Mien Liptee Huyee Kucch Yaadien
Phoolon Kee Pankhuriyon Mien Sahejay Huye Kucch Lamhaat
Uss Aksmaat Mulaaqaat Kee Goonjtee Huyee Dharkhan
Ek Ghazal Mien Gholee Huee, Kisikay Lafzon Kee Misree
Zehen Mien, Be-Khauf Failtaa Hua Ek Tassavvur Ka Jaadoo
Waqt Kee Aankhon Say Giree Huyee Ek Ashq Kee Boond
Shabnam Say Churayee Huyee, Thorhee See Numee
Ek Ajnabee Say Milee, Be-Takalluf Hansee
Unkee Jhalak Ka Muskurata Hua Khumaar
Ek Chashm Mien Tairtee Huyee Jheel Kee Gehraayee
Zehan Kay Aangan Mien Kheltay Huey Khayaalon Kay Kehkahay
Ek Manzil Pay Baithay Huey Intezaar Kee Kashish

Great Moments

The moments while your eyes are full of tears after a massive snort want u all such great moments have a terrific existence!

Appears Proper

If you are in tension
If not anything appears proper
If u locate no manner out
Then just think about me best as soon as
I may be always there to growth your tensions

Spending Time

Existence is what you stay and what you do for others in the spending time by way of residing in the outer international

Appearance Beside

When you appearance beforehand to the future or look back at how matters was, do not forget to appearance beside you, due to the fact this is in which you may find me, loving you with all my heart.
Satisfied anniversary

Easy Metropolis

Keep your global clean and green
Store trees,store the environment
Easy metropolis,green city
Satisfied international 23 march

Acquire power

Laugh at your errors, but learn from them shaggy dog story over ur issues, however acquire power from them have fun with ur difficulties however triumph over them

Dosti imaan

De ke us ko kabi dukh ye harkat shaitan se karta hun Dosti imaan se karta hun
Muhabat jaan se karta hun, De ke us ko kabi dukh ye harkat shaitan se karta hun
Dosti imaan se karta hun, Muhabat jaan se karta hun, De ke us ko